Who we are

We are the Otto Family, a crew of 6 who call the Farm home.

Ok, we won’t leave out the 4 horses, two piggies, 5 mini goats and plethora of small cute and furry creatures!

But, this is not all just our doing. Not. Even Close. Just as God does what He does, He has pulled people to the Farm to be a part of it. They come on weekends and week nights and days off. They build and sweat and dream with us. They are now woven into the fabric of the farm just as much as we are.

The Farm is part of a Non-profit ministry called Harvest Hills Ministries. We use the land and the buildings to host events and activities that ENCOURAGE Community, STRENGTHEN Faith and Family, and BUILD Relationships with Jesus Christ in a natural farm setting. We see Delaware as an amazing community that we want to build and be part of. We see that the people in it need a place to come, walk the hills, pet the animals, be encouraged and be known. To have a place they can lock arms with loved ones and strangers alike, to run the race of life to the fullest, amidst whatever challenges come. We want to laugh hard, dig deep and get dirty together with you. Here are the Farm, you are wanted and loved.

So when you choose to host your event at the Farm, you are helping us continue to share Hope and Redemption with others. Let’s strengthen our community together!.


Where we have been

The Farm at Harvest Hills was not always as you see it. It has stories that started long before our time. It once covered a large portion of this side of Delaware, including land along Hills Miller Road, Oak Haven Golf Course, and beyond. There are legends of an indian battle that happened, and many things untold. The old Springhouse and barn on the back hill date back to the mid 1800’s. Oh, if only we could sit inside their walls, with a cup of coffee and notebook in hand, and just listen. Listen to their stories of “back when” and “before”. We are always intrigued when we hear a new detail of the past life, before it came to be ours. If you had seen it upon our arrival, “beautiful or peaceful” were not words you would have used in the description of the farm. For us, it’s a clear story of Redemption…. taking something that was abandoned, forgotten and unwanted, and giving it new life. Restoration. So much like what God does for us when we allow Him into our life. He takes the parts that we see as ugly or broken, and uses them to make new in a way we could not have expected. It’s the purest description of what Jesus’ love is for us. Beautiful and peaceful.

We hope you feel that as you explore the farm!

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